Men In Black: International

Here come the Men In Black… Galaxy defenders! Na-na-na. Ok. So Will Smith didn’t write a song for this one. That’s sad, but I guess he’s busy being the Genie or something. Do you need Will Smith to make an MIB film? We’re about to find out.

Men In Black: International — a sequel that probably nobody needed except Sony. It’s one of their more bankable franchises despite an uneven history at the theater, and now they’ve got some fresh young talent to spiffy up the black suits. And… I actually liked it. It’s not inventive, really, or anything you haven’t seen before in an MIB movie. But sometimes more of the same can be fun.

I don’t think that the script is bad, but I do think that the wonder of it all wore off after the first MIB. To enjoy these movies now, you have to accept that. You have to just enjoy the universe for what it is. I was able to do that while watching the film. Other critics seem incapable. This movie is getting unfairly eviscerated by them in my opinion.

There’s really nothing to dislike. Chris Hemsworth is hilarious. Tessa Thompson is capable and certifiably badass. Liam Neeson is always a delight, and Emma Thompson‘s deadpan humor is on point. The special effects are passable (though not breathtaking) and the action is mostly pretty fun. The story can be predictable at times, but it follows the standard MIB formula, and I really didn’t expect much else.

The comedy can be a bit uneven, but mostly lands with the help of Hemsworth and Kumail Nanjiani (as the voice of an alien). Thor has become so good at comedy, that I’d almost consider him a full-on comedian at this point if not for the rippling biceps and steel-blue eyes. Oh wait. Did I just swoon for a second? Sorry about that…

There’s not much else to say. Men In Black: International isn’t a movie I can praise for days, but neither is it a movie that I can fault for anything. If you like the universe and/or any of the actors in the movie, then I think you’ll have a good time. You might forget it tomorrow, but you’ll have fun today, and sometimes that’s all you can ask for in a summer blockbuster.

Rating: 4 stars
Should you watch it? If you like MIB
Should you take your kids? Sure — it’s particularly kid-friendly for PG-13
What you should watch first: Men In Black and both sequels ideally, but at least the first one

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