Movies are subjective, and it’s hard to compare them, especially when I watch them months apart from each other. Though I used to try to apply star ratings to help put them in order, that never worked for me. I love movies, and too many of them ended up in the 3-4 star range.

So now we’re going full-nerd with 6 tiers, modeled after the way fighting game characters are ranked. It’s pretty self-explanatory with the exception of S-Tier, which in video game speak means God tier.

The very best movies are put in S-Tier — these are must-watch. After that, I group the movies together based on how good I think they are.

If you watch a lot of movies (like me) but only want to watch the best, you might reasonably work your way down to B-Tier or so. I think anything B and above is easily recommended as a good time.

C-Tier probably won’t feel like a waste of time, and D-Tier might even be okay depending on your tastes.

F-Tier, obviously, is for garbage films. These are movies I don’t think you should waste your time, money, or brain power with.

Again, it’s all subjective, so you may disagree. But this is a little simpler for me than hard number ratings, and gives you pools of movies to choose from depending on your tastes and mood

If you have feedback, let me know. I love when people tell me I’m stupid.